P L E A S U R E    C U R S E S

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Pleasure Curses is a live electronic duo based out of Portland Oregon.


The creative and production partnership consists of Jahn Alexander Teetsov and Evan Maxwell Grice; childhood friends who reconnected after a decade apart through a chance meeting.

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Formed in Washington DC, they sharpened their teeth playing everywhere from sweat-soaked punk parties and raging house shows to upscale hotels and national art galleries in the city.

Influenced by the aesthetics of electro, disco, new wave, and early hip-hop, they strafe the lines between experimental and accessible dance music that shatters the apathy of audiences at shows with manic and propulsive energy. Recently, that energy has propelled them to the west coast where they are currently located in Portland, Oregon.

There are an array of new-wave, electro-disco influences ...an absolute hypnotic killer
communicates a sexually charged vibe well suited for a crowded club, encouraging the endless swaying of bodies.
enticingly dark, like a piece of well-crafted danger.
powered by buoyant, streamlined four-on-the-floor rhythms, pulsing bass and romantic lyricism